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Teach for Australia

Teach For Australia recruits and trains inspiring and passionate young Australians to teach in disadvantaged communities for a minimum of two years, where they have a life changing impact on their students.

The Arts & Humanities

Sidney Myer Creative Fellowships

First awarded in 2011, the Sidney Myer Creative Fellowships provide unrestricted grants of $160,000 over two years to individual artists, arts managers and thought leaders in the humanities.

Sustainability & Environment

The Volcano Project and Working Wetlands

The Royal Botanic Garden’s ‘Volcano Project.’ To re-develop Guilfoyle’s Volcano to assist with the Garden’s water sustainability objectives and to educate the public on efficient water use. Funded through Sustainability and the Environment in FY11.

Poverty & Disadvantage

The Summer Foundation

‘Regional Stories: Young People with Disability in Nursing Homes.’ The Summer Foundation’s project provided 25 young people in nursing homes will be supported to articulate and present their story and experiences through a public exhibition.

Poverty & Disadvantage

Refugee Health and Social Wellbeing Research Program

Refugee Health and Social Wellbeing Research Program: to improve service delivery to survivors of torture and trauma. A research program which aims to build the capacity of the Victorian Foundation for the Survivors of Torture to provide services based on sound action research and other evidence-based methods and to put in place an evaluation framework for the on-going development of effective services to refugees. Funded through Poverty and Disadvantage FY08 – FY11.

The Arts & Humanities

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation Limited’s ‘Teacher Training Open Garden’ Project. Development of materials to support the open kitchen garden program teacher training course. Funded by the Sidney Myer Fund Trustees in FY12

Poverty & Disadvantage

Kids Thrive

Kids Thrive is a leading arts and community cultural development organisation fostering positive social outcomes for disadvantaged children and their direct communities.


Myer Innovation Fellowships

The Myer Innovation Fellowships aim to support breakthrough solutions to Australia’s most pressing social and environmental challenges and bring new talent to the social sector.


The Aspiration Initiative

The Aspiration Initiative (TAI) aims to increase opportunities and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students, by helping to ensure they realise their potential at school, university and beyond.

TAI’s academic enrichment program seeks to develop and refine a model that can significantly increase the flow of students through the pipeline from high school to university. TAI also hopes to generate a ripple effect of change extending to Australia’s education policy, so that policy shifts towards a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students’ high academic achievement.

Funded through the Education Large Grants Program FY12

The Arts & Humanities

The Shepparton Art Museum – Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award

The Sidney Myer Fund International Ceramic Award in association with La Trobe University is the premier international ceramics award held in Australia.

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