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Responsible investing

The Myer Foundation and Australian Communities Foundation are the latest (and largest) grantmakers to join a growing number of foundations seeking to amplify their positive social and environmental impact by aligning their investments with their mission, with a goal to direct 100% of their portfolios towards responsible investments.

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Transformative water initiative

The Myer Foundation and The Ian Potter Foundation recognise that long-term, sustainable management of our waters and catchments is critical to Australia’s future prosperity and the survival of many iconic ecosystems. We have jointly committed $10 million over 10 years to create a new, independent and expert policy Centre to catalyse transformative change in the management of Australia’s freshwater systems and catchments.


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A New Approach: Insight Report 1

A Sept 2019 report released by independent think tank, A New Approach, shows local governments are seeing the value of arts and culture in their communities, and are responding by stepping up their financial commitment and playing a bigger role in government support for arts and culture. The report, The Big Picture: public expenditure on artistic, cultural and creative activity in Australia, is a comprehensive snapshot of our federal, state and local governments’ financial commitment to arts and culture since 2007. Together, Australia’s governments commit close to $7 billion to arts and culture each year, or one percent of their total combined expenditure.

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