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Successful Applicants

  • If I'm successful, how will my grant be paid to me?

    We pay all grants through Electronic Funds Transfer. When receiving notification of your application’s outcome, if successful, you will be provided with a ‘Request for Direct Credit of Payment’ form. The banking details you list on this form will be used to pay the grant directly into your organisation’s bank account.

  • Does the grant I have received include GST?

    The grant we pay your organisation will not include GST, nor are you required to pay GST at your end.

  • What do I have to do at the end of my funding period?

    We require successful applicants to submit an acquittal report at the end of their funding period. Your acquittal report is accesible through your SmartyGrants login.

  • Where can I obtain a copy of your logo to acknowledge your contribution to our organisation?

    JPEG files of the Fund’s and Foundation’s logos are at the bottom of this page. For any other version, please contact us at [email protected].

  • I would like to submit an acquittal form. What is the procedure for this?

    Your acquittal form is accessible through your SmartyGrants account.

  • I haven’t spent all of the grant within the specified time. Can I get an extension?

    Please contact us to apply for an extension to your grant timeline.

  • Can I use the funding for another project if my original one falls through?

    If the funding is going to be used for anything other than what is specified in the original application, it needs to be approved by us. Please contact us to discuss any changes to your project.

  • Do I have to display The Myer Foundation and/or Sidney Myer Fund logos?

    Successful applicants are not required to display our logos as part of the grant conditions. However, if you wish to include the logos, you can right-click and save as JPG versions of the logos from the links below.

    Sidney Myer Fund logo.

    The Myer Foundation logo.

    If you require either logo in a format other than that supplied, please contact Jenny Kelly.

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