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Eligibility & Funding

  • Can I submit two applications in the same year?

    Submissions will not be accepted from organisations that have received a grant from The Myer Foundation or Sidney Myer Fund in the last 12 months, or from organisations that have not successfully acquitted previous grants.

    Only one submission can be considered per applicant at any one time. This includes applications to multiple funding programs of The Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund. Exceptions are made when multiple applications are received from universities and other large organisations where they represent different faculties, departments or schools, and the proposals are unrelated.

    We also do not consider applications which are identical or very similar to a previously rejected application.

    Can I submit applications in more than one funding area?

    No, the conditions above refer to applications submitted to different funding areas as well.

  • Am I still eligible to apply if my organisation is not endorsed by the ATO as a Tax Concession Charity or Deductible Gift Recipient?

    You may still be able to apply for funding, if your project is charitable in nature.

  • How do I know if my organisation is a Tax Concession Charity or Deductible Gift Recipient?

    If you are not sure that your organisation is endorsed as a Tax Concession Charity or Deductible Gift Recipient, your financial advisor will be able to advise you, or you can look up the Australian Government’s ABN Lookup website.

  • How do I know if my project will be considered ‘charitable’?

    Charitable is defined as possessing at least one of the following qualities:

    The relief of poverty
    The relief of the needs of the aged
    The relief of sickness or distress
    The advancement of religion
    The advancement of education
    There are also many other charitable purposes, commonly referred to as ‘other purposes beneficial to the community.’

    The following purposes would not be considered charitable:

    To confer private benefits
    Sporting, recreational or social
    Political, illegal or against public policy

    If you are still unsure whether your project fits these guidelines, please refer to the Non-Profit Organisations section of the ATO website.

  • I require more funds than the maximum grant limit. Can I request more than this?

    Unfortunately we do not have the funds available to provide you with any more than our maximum cap states. If your budget requests a higher amount of funding than our limit, your application will be considered outside of our guidelines and withdrawn from consideration.

  • I reside outside of Australia. Am I still eligible to apply?

    We are only able to provide funding to organisations and/or individuals that are based within Australia during the time the funded project is taking place.

  • Will the Foundation fund public schools? Or are they considered a Government entity?

    Yes, we do accept applications from Government-funded schools.

  • Does the Foundation cover schooling or educational costs?

    The Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund consider applications for projects which contribute to educational benefits for a group of students, but generally not for an individual. We do not give grants for personal living, education, medical or travel expenses.

  • Does the Foundation cover costs to attend a conference for professional development?

    No, this would be considered a funding exclusion.

  • Do your funding priority areas change over time?

    Our focus areas for each program area are listed on the website. These areas may change from time to time based on the strategic direction of our organisation.

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