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Sidney Myer Fund Commitment to Asylum Seekers

June 4th, 2015

The Trustees of the Sidney Myer Fund have announced a commitment of over $1 million over four years to organisations working for and with asylum seekers. 

There are an estimated 30,000 asylum seekers living in Australia awaiting the determination of their claims for refugee protection. Many thousands more sit in countries in the region, watching Australian asylum seeker policy closely and hoping for a better future. In committing $1 million over four years the Sidney Myer Fund is concerned to contribute to the achievement of positive health, wellbeing, education and employment outcomes for individuals, and families, children and young people. To this end it will support the work of the Asylum Seeker Centre in New South Wales and the Refugee & Immigration Legal Centre in Victoria, over three years.

As a contribution to the development of humane and realistic asylum seeker policy the Sidney Myer Fund will support the Centre for Policy Development’s Track II Dialogue program, again over three years.

Further commitments will be made in following financial years.

Asylum Seekers are also to be prioritised through the Sidney Myer Fund’s Poverty and Disadvantage Small Grants Program. For three years from July 2015 the Poverty and Disadvantage Small Grants Program will make up to 15% of its funds available specifically to organisations working with and asylum seekers in Australia. Full details are available here.

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