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2017 Myer Innovation Fellows Announced

April 6th, 2017

The Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund are pleased to announce the 2017 Myer Innovation Fellows:

Daniel Harrison,
Sarah Doyle, and
Bjorn Sturmberg

The Myer Innovation Fellowships support the development of breakthrough solutions to Australia’s most pressing social and environmental challenges and brings new talent to the social sector. Fellows take 12 months away from their current role to pursue projects that have the capacity to radically shift our approaches to the challenges facing the social and environmental sectors in Australia today.

Co-Convenors of the Myer Innovation Committee, Anna Foley and Jon Myer said, “This is a program that provides recipients with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to throw their heart and mind into a project that could very well change the Australian social or environmental sectors. Each year, the applicant field grows stronger and stronger and we can’t wait to see what this year’s Fellows achieve over the coming 12 months.”

Daniel Harrison is investigating the possibility of preventing coral bleaching by brightening marine clouds to cool the Great Barrier Reef, Sarah Doyle is working on an app which would simplify Emergency Department discharge instructions for patients who might struggle to understand medical jargon and have English as their additional language, Bjorn Sturmberg is establishing a social enterprise that aims to share the value of solar systems amongst tenants and landlords.

More information about the 2017 Fellows can be found on the program webpage.

Homepage Image: 2017 Myer Innovation Fellow Daniel Harrison

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