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Where are they now?

Daniel Zwolenski – 2014 Fellow

Daniel wanted to increase the technical capabilities of under resourced not-for-profit organisations by developing an online platform to help them to build a website, manage their social media and establish a donations portal. While this idea did not come to life in the course of the Fellowship, it has evolved into two new social enterprises Daniel established with the skills and knowledge he developed through the Fellowship – Code Camp and Digital Purpose. Code Camp seeks to expose a generation of primary school students to coding and prepare them for a digital future. It provides engaging STEM course material to over 20,000 children each year. Digital Purpose is a consultancy that builds tech for social purpose and is an evolution of the Daniel’s primary fellowship focus.

Jordan O'Reilly - 2015 Fellow

Jordan wanted to connect people with disabilities to their support workers through an online platform, giving them the power to choose their carers while reducing the cost of the support. This cost saving would also allow people receive more support. During his Fellowship Jordan established a social business called HireUp. He successfully raised capital and now has over 100 people in his team. By May 2019, HireUp had made over 21,000 connections between people with a disability and carers, resulting in 1.9 million hours of support provided and a saving of $13.3 million to for its users. The impact of HireUp is expected to grow dramatically

Anna Rose - 2016 Fellow

Anna is a climate change campaigner who wanted to expand the range of voices speaking up for climate action beyond the usual players. Through her Fellowship, Anna established a new not-for-profit organisation, Farmers for Climate Action. In May 2019 this organisation had 22,000 members, five staff and has been very successful in increasing the uptake of climate smart agriculture among farmers, helping shift the agriculture sector’s position on climate change and ensure that rural Australia is represented by pro-climate action politicians.

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