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2018 Myer Innovation Fellows

Lucinda Hartley

As co-founder of Neighbourlytics, Lucinda harnesses social data to understand the social life of neighbourhoods, how people spend their time and what they value. She is working to build this into a simple, scalable and cost effective social sustainability impact measurement tool for city-makers and communities.

Huy Nguyen

Huy Nguyen has started social enterprise Enabler to develop an entirely new approach to training for disability support workers. Utilizing 3D simulation gaming technology, the mobile training app teaches fundamental knowledge and tests the practical application of skills via the user’s choices and actions in an interactive virtual environment.

Emma Koster

Emma Koster is the founder of Hello Cass, an SMS chatbot providing discreet, localised and culturally-appropriate information and support for women affected by family and sexual violence. In combining innovative artificial intelligence technology with the accessibility of mobile infrastructure, Hello Cass aims to deliver a transformative approach to providing assistance for women in regional and isolated communities as well as in our towns and cities.

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