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2017 Myer Innovation Fellows

Daniel Harrison

Daniel is investigating the possibility of preventing coral bleaching by brightening marine clouds during periods the water is unusually warm, as brighter clouds reflect more sunlight into space and cool the reef. This novel technology would use only renewable energy and sea water and make clouds more ‘white’ by launching microscopic sea water droplets into the air to provide cloud condensation nuclei, mimicking the natural process of sea spray from breaking waves.

Sarah Doyle

Sarah Doyle’s experience working as a doctor in busy Emergency Departments has motivated her to create a tool for better communication between doctors and patients. What the Doctor Said is an application that will allow patients, families and carers access to their discharge instructions at any time after their initial visit to the Emergency Department.

Bjorn Sturmberg

Dr Bjorn Sturmberg’s Fellowship project — SunTenants — is a social enterprise that brings the solar revolution to Australia’s rental properties. SunTenants uses cutting-edge smart-metering technology and a transparent, purpose-driven, business model to share the value of solar systems amongst tenants and landlords.

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