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2014 Myer Innovation Fellows

Daniel Zwolenski

Daniel Zwolenski wants to dismantle the technological barriers preventing community groups and not-for-profits from harnessing the power of digital technology. Daniel will create an Australian-focused, online hub for community groups, called GoodHuddle. This ‘Huddle’ will provide an integrated website and database capable of managing mail-outs, petitions, donations, mobile apps, and other related tools. Aimed at both small and large community groups, including schools, not-for-profits, clubs, local governments and community driven social movements, the GoodHuddle will provide a single, integrated platform allowing users to better manage their programs with less administration effort and cost.

Claire Leach

Claire Leach is developing a cheap, sustainable and rich source of protein as an alternative to traditional grain and fish meal livestock feeds. As proteins can account for up to 80 percent of livestock feed costs, developing a viable alternative will help grow a more competitive and sustainable Australian livestock industry. In the process, Claire aims to put to good use some of the six million tonnes of organic waste currently being disposed of at great commercial and environmental cost.

Ben Schokman

Ben Schokman will pursue new approaches to reduce Aboriginal imprisonment and better promote community safety. Justice Reinvestment holds significant promise to reduce prison spending and reinvest the savings to strengthen communities and address deep seated poverty and disadvantage. Ben will work closely will Aboriginal organisations and communities to develop evidence-based initiatives to reduce imprisonment rates and promote stronger and safer communities.

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