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Myer family philanthropy is synonymous with the arts in Australia. The tradition of giving to enrich cultural life began with Sidney Myer, a passionate supporter of the arts, and remains a central focus for the family today.

Most particularly, we acknowledge the strong connection between the arts, the humanities and a healthy community – and the role the Sidney Myer Fund can play in upholding the integrity of Australia’s arts community.

The Sidney Myer Fund believes individual artists are the life-blood and creative force of our arts community yet all too frequently the income derived from their labours does not amount to a livelihood. Artists, like any professionals, need time to develop and practise their vocation in circumstances which support reflection and encourage risk taking.  The Sidney Myer Fund is providing direct, untied support to individual artists and cultural thought leaders at a critical time in their artistic lives through the Sidney Myer Creative Fellowships.

Sidney Myer Creative Fellowships

First awarded in 2011, the Sidney Myer Creative Fellowships provide unrestricted grants of $160,000 over two years to individual Australian artists, arts managers and thought leaders in the humanities. Specific outcomes for the Fellowships are not required.

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The Sidney Myer Performing Arts Awards

The Awards were created to commemorate Sidney Myer and his love for the arts. They intend primarily to enhance the status of performing arts in Australia and recognise outstanding achievements in dance, drama, comedy, music, opera, circus and puppetry.

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Capacity Building

This program sought to strengthen the independent and small-to-medium arts sector. The program concluded in 2018. You can read a pilot evaluation of the program here

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