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The Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund make grants across Australia in accordance with our vision to improve peoples’ lives in lasting and positive ways. Grants are made across a number of different areas.

Arts & Humanities

Myer family philanthropy is synonymous with the arts in Australia. The tradition of giving to enrich cultural life began with Sidney Myer, a passionate supporter of the arts, and remains a central focus for the family today.

Sustainability & Environment

The Sustainability & Environment Program is supporting organisations that seek to catalyse positive action on climate change in an Australian context.


As part of its refreshed strategic plan, SMF/TMF the Education Program of the Sidney Myer Fund was phased out from 1 July 2018.

Other Programs

The Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund support a number of special programs.

Poverty & Disadvantage

Poverty and disadvantage has an impact on all aspects of life, well-being, poorer health, ability to participate in community and access to education and employment.

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