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Tribunal: Powerhouse Youth Theatre

Powerhouse Youth Theatre’s Tribunal is a piece of participatory theatre bringing together Indigenous elders, artists, activists, lawyers and people with lived experience of seeking asylum.


Each night of the performance presenters offer provocations, thoughts and experiences in a curated conversation on issues which directly affect the community of Western Sydney – their perspectives, aspirations and connections to culture.

Tribunal provides unique insight into the daily lived experience of young people seeking asylum. By focusing on the positive aspects of their lives, they are seen as human beings with histories and families. The work facilitates, humanises and develops the potential connection of friendship and engagement between the participants and the broader community.

Based in Fairfield in Western Sydney, Powerhouse Youth Theatre has as its core priority the development and engagement of young people from the area. PYT delivers educational and training opportunities for young people aged 18 to 26 years in Australia’s most multicultural suburb. Fairfield is home to the largest Iraqi Australian refugee community and many of the population are recent asylum seekers or migrants.

Tribunal is a core part of PYT’s quest to address the complex issues facing young people from Western Sydney; social isolation, depression, substance abuse, crime, extremism, unemployment and lack of understanding and support within broader society.

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