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People on Country

By transferring land management skills to Indigenous land and sea management groups this project improved community well-being as well as the surrounding natural resources.

The People on Country project demonstrated the effectiveness of a multi-disciplinary, action research project that combines the expertise and commitments of researchers with the knowledge, cultural obligations and aspirations of Indigenous partners.

Indigenous Partner Land and Sea Management Groups

  • Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation (north-east Arnhem Land)
  • Djelk Rangers (western Arnhem Land)
  • Garawa Rangers (Gulf of Carpentaria)
  • Waanyi/Garawa Rangers (Gulf of Carpentaria)
  • Warddeken Land Management Ltd (western Arnhem Land)
  • Yirralka Rangers (north-east Arnhem Land)
  • Yugul Mangi aboriginal Land and Sea Management Corporation (south-east Arnhem Land)

Key Reasons for Success

  • Flexibility in research design
  • Sufficient and flexible investment from partners
  • Good fit of researchers and Indigenous partners
  • Adoption of ‘lateral thinking’ problem solving approach
  • Responsible and always evolving governance and management
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