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Gunawirra: Empowering young Aboriginal parents

Parenthood can be daunting, even with the best supports around you. Many parents know the value of having somewhere to go with your little one that’s supportive, friendly and welcoming, and where you can share your fears – and joys. That’s what Gunawirra’s Young Aboriginal Mothers’ Program provides for young Aboriginal mothers in inner Sydney.

Each week, mothers aged between 14 and 25 years who have experienced a confluence of factors including violence, poverty, substance abuse and mental illness, are picked up by Tribal Warriors and delivered to Gunawirra’s space in Rozelle. There, they have an opportunity to talk about and understand what has happened in their lives, to be understood and to develop pride and confidence in themselves as women and as mothers.

Mothers engage in a range of activities including cooking, baby massage, art and craft, film and photography, and leadership skills. They make supportive connections and learn about and enjoy their babies.

By focusing on and actively supporting the vital healthy links between mother and child, Gunawirra aims to reduce the impact of intergenerational trauma in Aboriginal families.

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