Our Approach to Philanthropy

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Our Approach to Philanthropy

Our strategic themes for FY19 – FY23 will be: people, organisations, beyond grantmaking and family engagement.


The Myer Innovation Fellowships, the Sidney Myer Creative Fellowships and the Sidney Myer Performing Arts Awards will be delivered each year. In partnership with Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, the Paul Ramsay Foundation a new program investing in the not-for-profit sector’s leaders will be established.


Organisational funding within Poverty & Disadvantage, Sustainability & Environment and Arts & Humanities will be directed to multi-year, unrestricted general operating support.

Beyond Grantmaking

Consistent with SMF/TMF’s values, support will be directed to advocacy and policy change. This support may include the funding of people and organisations, and the taking of public positions. We will continue to collaborate and convene within and beyond the philanthropic sector for the purpose of maximising our impact. SMF will maintain a commitment to market building activities in the impact investment space. Subject to appropriate investment opportunities becoming available, our commitment to impact investing through TMF’s corpus will increase to an aspirational target of 10% of its value. TMF’s Investment Committee will investigate options for divestment from fossil fuels.

Family Engagement

Family engagement remains a cornerstone of SMF/TMF activity.

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