Making An Application

  • What am I expected to provide with my funding application?

    The documentation checklist is outlined in the online application process. Requested documents can be uploaded as part of the online application process. Please note that if your application does not include one of the documents requested, and you do not give a reason why, it may be withdrawn from consideration.

  • Do I submit supporting documentation with the soft copy of my application?

    In some cases accompanying documentation can be submitted with your online application form or sent in hard copy format. Please refer to the online application guideline outlines for each program area.

  • How does my organisation qualify for your Large Grant Programs?

    We don’t accept unsolicited applications for Large Grant Programs, but, instead we work with organisations and individuals to develop projects that we consider to be addressing our identified priority areas.

  • If my application is approved, when will I receive payment?

    Upon approval of your grant and receipt of appropriate banking details, you will receive the payment of the grant within approximately two weeks.

  • Our organisation doesn’t create an annual report. Will this affect my application?

    If your organisation doesn’t produce an annual report, please let us know via the online application process. This will not affect the outcome of your application, however if we aren’t aware that you don’t produce one, it may be considered an incomplete application and can be withdrawn from the application process.

  • When will I receive notice of the outcome of my project?

    Each grantmaking program of Sidney Myer Fund and The Myer Foundation has different decision-making timelines. Check the program website for information specific to the program you have applied to.

  • What are the closing dates for Education and Poverty & Disadvantage small grants programs? They are not listed on the website.

    Education and Poverty & Disadvantage Small Grants Programs don’t have closing dates for applications. They can be submitted at any time of the year. Please allow at least three months from the submission date for notification of the outcome of your application.

    Should you be seeking funding for a project with a start date during January or February you should aim to have your application submitted by mid-October of the previous year. 

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