Sustainability & Environment

The Sustainability & Environment Program is committed to helping secure Australia’s cultural and environmental integrity.

The environment that we are responsible for is not confined to national parks and protected areas; it is also on farms, in the strips of land attached to bus stops and fast-food shops, in our backyards, roofs, and even in the cities’ roundabouts. The Sustainability and Environment Committee acknowledges that nature can coexist with humans, but that this cohabitation requires management and attention. The objective of the Sustainability & Environment portfolio is to secure Australian cultural and environmental integrity.

Large Grants Program

The Sustainability & Environment Committee is currently focused on the generation and preservation of urban landscapes with a specific focus on streets and blocks of Australian cities.

Please note: we do not accept unsolicited applications to the Large Grants Program.


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Capacity Building Stream

Grants for capacity building will be made to assist community-based and not-for-profit organisations working in the areas of improvements to urban environments and urban biodiversity. Eligibility criteria, application and selection timelines for the 2017-2018 Capacity Building Stream will be announced in September 2017.

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