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2016 Myer Innovation Fellows

Anna Rose

The scale and magnitude of climate change – both its impacts and the solutions – will affect all parts of our lives, from where and how we live to the food we eat. Yet to many people, climate change is mistaken as primarily an “environmental” concern. Anna Rose is working to support a range of diverse new constituency groups to get involved in the climate change movement. In the words of Naomi Klein, ‘to change everything, we need everyone.’

Working to help existing organisations and support emerging ones, Anna will strengthen the Australian climate movement’s ability to implement constituency-based community organising.

Working across traditional divides and bringing in new voices, we can build the power we need to shift Australia away from fossil fuels to clean, safe, renewable energy.

Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson is the co-founder and inventor of QuestaGame, a mobile gaming app that is getting players around the world to discover, map and help preserve biodiversity. The game rewards players for photographing and learning about their local wildlife. Using global, real-time biodiversity data, QuestaGame scores sightings based on their rarity for the location and season. The sightings are shared with global research databases to provide deeper insights into such issues as climate change, biosecurity management, wildlife conservation, and the state of the environment in general.

Through the fellowship, Andrew is taking the lessons learnt from the successful QuestaGame app to develop QuestaGame II, which will enhance the gaming experience, improve data quality, and introduce thousands of new players to the wonders of their natural environment.

Marita Cheng

Marita Cheng is developing a robotic arm on a movable platform to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

The robot will give people with a spinal cord injury (SCI) a chance to attend work, school or their hobbies more frequently, through using a brain and head-movement (Mind Wave) controlled telepresence robot (Teleport). A robot controlled by brain and head movements will mean that people with a high level SCI may still operate them. The robot arm will have the capacity to be controlled by the person with a disability to open doors, pick things up off the ground, or feed themselves.

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