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  • Is any arts organisation eligible to apply for this program?

    This is a program for the small-to-medium sector of the New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory arts sectors (excluding contemporary musicians). This program will accept applications from New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory arts organisations with a turnover of less than $1 million per year.

  • Can I apply to this program as an individual?

    No. This program is for ensembles, collectives, groups and organisations.

  • I’m an individual, who works with the same artists regularly, but we’re not a ‘group’; we don’t have a name. Can I apply?

    Yes. You don’t need to be a formally constituted ‘group’, but you do need to be able to prove that you work in such a manner. Your peers should recognise that you work with the same artists regularly. Your timeline of activity should clearly detail how you work with the same individuals repeatedly (at least more than twice).

  • I work with one other artist. We’re a duo. Can we apply?


  • Why can’t musicians and screen-based artists apply?

    This program’s focus has been narrowed to increase its impact in a particular sector.

  • We don't have DGR status - can we still apply?

    Yes, you can still apply if you don’t have DGR status. If you do have DGR status, you must have DGR1 status to apply to this program.

  • What does ‘highly connected’ mean and why is that one of the criteria?

    ‘Connectivity’ refers to the applicant’s relationship to the rest of the sector. Instead of visualising the sector as constituted by artists and organisations working in particular art forms, this program views the sector as a network. In doing so, this program will provide support to those points within the network that are more connected to more other points. That is, to those groups who have evident relationships with other artists and organisations.

    The group receiving the grant will directly benefit from the funds allocated, while the remainder of the sector stands the best chance of benefitting from the grant because of the important role the recipient plays within the network – as indicated by their high degree of ‘connectivity.’

  • Which states will be eligible for funding next year?

    This is the final round the Sidney Myer Fund’s capacity building program in its current incarnation. Please check the Sidney Myer Fund website in 2019 to learn about funding opportunities.

  • What counts as a ‘season of work’?

    That will be different for artists working in different art forms and different presentation formats. It is up to you to define via your timeline of activity. Your response should be consistent with what the majority of the sector would understand as appropriate for your art form and your practice.

  • Who are the sector experts assessing applications?

    Details regarding the assessment panel will be released alongside the announcement of grant recipients.

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