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A New Approach

Australia lacks a public, expert, independent voice championing investment and return in arts and culture. Defending and promoting the benefit of intellectual and creative life as a critical crucible of the national future is proving to be increasingly difficult. Australia needs an informed, independent entity which has the necessary resources and public authority to advance a coherent, comprehensive policy position from which we might build better political and institutional settings and allied public commentary.

The Myer Foundation, the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation and the Keir Foundation are now seeking expressions of interest from applicants capable of delivering a program to meet this need.

Project Objectives

Positively influence Australian arts and cultural practices by:

  1. Establishing an independent program that will positively contribute to public discourse regarding the role and funding of arts and culture in Australia,
  2. Engaging an appropriately skilled and experienced individual to lead and oversee the program,
  3. With the sector’s support, research and publish a data-based case promoting Australian arts and culture, and
  4. Raising the profile of arts and culture in Australia through media appearances, panel appointments and expert contributions.

Expressions of Interest

Interested applicants should prepare a submission of not-more-than six pages. Application is open to any Australian DGR 1-endorsed entity or entity auspiced by a DGR 1-accreddited organisation. Submissions will be assessed according to applicants’:

  1. Description of the key issues to be addressed,
  2. Proposed program of research and activity which will address the issues,
  3. Experience shaping public discussion and government policy,
  4. Identification of the risks (and appropriate mitigation strategies) of the program,
  5. Proposed budget, and
  6. Capacity to deliver on the proposed project.


$1.65 million will be contributed to a program of activity that will produce outcomes after three years.

It is expected that applicants will consider sources of other income as required, both cash and in-kind, in their proposal.

Assessment of Submissions

Submissions will be assessed by representatives of The Myer Foundation, Tim Fairfax Family Foundation and Keir Foundation with the assistance of sector experts.

One or more applicants will be invited to submit a detailed application and attend an interview.

Project Monitoring and Reporting

A reporting schedule will be developed with the successful recipient appropriate to the activities contained within their proposal.

Key Dates

Expressions of interest closed at 5.00pm A.E.S.T. Sunday 5 February 2017.

It is expected that the program of research and activity will commence in the first half of 2017.

Contact Details

Any questions regarding this program should be directed to Dr Neal Harvey, Program Manager, The Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund, at

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