Our Approach to Philanthropy

Our Approach to Philanthropy

Our new strategy will focus around three themes:
acting bigger, adapting better, and family engagement.

Under the New Strategy

We retain four critical program areas:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Education
  • Poverty and Disadvantage and
  • Sustainability and Environment.

Education and Poverty & Disadvantage will each retain Small and Large Grants programs.

In a major initiative, approximately one third of the Large Grants budget in Education, Poverty & Disadvantage, and Sustainability & Environment, will be allocated to capacity building grants. These grants will focus on building not-for-profit organisational capacity in these primary interest areas.

The Beyond Australia program’s phase out was completed by 30 June, 2013.

The Sidney Myer Health Scholarships and Back to School programs are no longer receiving proposals and will conclude once existing commitments have come to an end.

Acting Bigger

We focus resources in fewer areas and utilise tools other than grantmaking to achieve greater impact. Both Sidney Myer Fund and The Myer Foundation will develop and substantially resource programs incorporating all aspects of convening, advocacy, http://vhealthportal.com/product-category/anti-migraine/, feasibility assessment, cross sector partnerships and evaluation.

Also in accord with this theme, The Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund will engage in social finance investing a portion of The Myer Foundation’s corpus into debt finance while Sidney Myer Fund will engage in market building of the social enterprise sector through targeted grantmaking.

Adapting Better

We introduced the Myer Innovation Fellowships in August 2013.

We will continue to focus on evaluation but under newly developed guidelines in both internal assessments and external evaluations.

Family Engagement

We will bring increasing focus to the role of the fourth generation of the Myer family in our philanthropic programs and by developing and supporting an emerging leadership cohort.

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